Sometimes great things happen by chance, and most of the time, the most important things happen by choice. When Black Clover started, the vision was based on creating a piece for the quality head that was unlike any other hat currently on the market. Started in 2008, the original founders of Black Clover discovered that the hats they currently had available were boring, unoriginal, and better yet, they lacked the quality they were looking for.

Hoping to create a new tomorrow in hats, the first Black Clover hat was born. It was simple, but crisp in color , with fine contrast stitching, a high-performance headband and an authentic logo that would catch the eye of all who found it. The four-leaf clover and the Black Clover name were created based on the initials of the original founder and for what the shamrock symbolized to many. A tr Four-leafed tree not only gives someone the hope, peace and of course the luck that they are looking for when they come across one of these special plants, but it also inspires.

After creating this logo, the slogan "Live Lucky" came into place with the vision of inspiring others to live life, not only to the fullest, but to create an authentic life that was unique to themselves and their own experiences. individual.

Black Clover was not started with the intention of creating a brand; was started with the sole hope of creating a better and higher quality hat. With that, Black Clover and Live Lucky's message ignited like wildfire. We know that success at Black Clover is based on our customers and their affinity for a higher quality hat, that gives them the adjustment they deserve. It is also attributed to each individual, their unique life and experiences, which link them to the Live Lucky slogan.

Ya Whether you're cheering for your child on his first tee ball game, hunting in the woods for his first deer, or holding his mother's hand in his fight against cancer, we hope to inspire you with our message. Luck may come by chance, but Living Lucky, this comes by choice. And we hope you continue to choose, with your Black Clover friends, a more fortunate and authentic life.